Top 10 Funny Car Videos

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So the video is initially taking videos of two young skateboarders doing their routine when suddenly, the car shifts to the other side of the road where a man on a convertible was blowing its horn to what seems to be a sleeping old woman. The woman woke up and while crossing very slowly, the man is still honking so the woman banged the front part of the car and the safety inflation device popped. Hilarious!

This next video is hilarious since this Italian lady can’t seem to parallel park her car. You can really feel the frustration from her actions, but hey, she’s Italian so it is probably her big actions that make it much more interesting apart from the fact the she is parallel parking on a space that does not fit her car!

Parking videos are much funnier sometimes since you can see their desperation to not mess it up and guess what, they mess up! See this woman trying to park her yellow car and how it went to the other side of the fence! A bit terrible, yes, but in the long run and with about 350,000 views in almost 2 years, it is quite a laugh!

This is just downright crazy! See as this woman try to fill her car with gas on the wrong side. She is probably drunk here or is just plain clueless that she should have placed he car on the other side for it to reach the gas tank. Poor woman, a million people have already seen her misfortune!

Ok, so this clip is from Mr. Bean but who can deny the fun value on this episode when he filled his car with stuff but managed to drive across town by driving from the roof of his car, seated on his new couch! This is real pure genius and of course a bit of TV trickery as well!

In this next video, the funny things can sometimes be the most horrifying. This is not a car crash though but you will certainly laugh your heart one once you have finished the entirety of this amazing video! Check it out!

This is a compilation of funny and interesting car crashes. What were the drivers thinking or well, not thinking, while on this situation? Of course some are accidents and some are just pure lack of mental processing but of course it is definitely funny now since we see them on this compilation!

You will certainly love this amazing video where 2 old people, one man and woman are driving one car at once. Alright the man was the actual driver but the woman suddenly found another steering wheel and so she looks like she is driving the car. They are overtaking another car and watch and see how it ended up!

See in this video as how race cars, regular cars and even bumper cars become really funny. It is the result, what is happening or the person driving the car. See how an old lady push a car, and a bunch of other things bump, crash and fly off! It is one part scary but 10 parts funny!

If you want to see how they sell cars in Maryland, then you will certainly love this next clip!

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