Top 10 Eco-friendly Sport Cars

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With technology getting better, many car companies have tried to underscore the issues of CO2 emissions at the backdrop of the worsening environmental issues it is but a responsibility to create available solutions to limit the car emissions.

For some of the more conventional models, it would be hard to get 0 emissions all together but efforts have been made to minimize the emissions but still address the need for good performance and reliability. With the dawn of electric cars, everyone is hoping that the future of car manufacturing would really eliminate or greatly reduce the abundance of CO2 emissions.

Here is a list of some of the green cars with low CO2 emissions that are also extremely stylish and ready for any road adventures.

Mercedes Benz SL300: Although it may have the extra weight of the folding hardtop, this car sure outdoes any other Porsche. It also packs a 231hp 3.0 V6 engine; this car has the balance of performance as well as producing emissions of 217g/km.

Lotus Evora: Some car enthusiasts complained that this car is not fast enough to be a supercar but with its 276hp 3.5-liter V6 engine and 205 g/km of CO2, this car truly is super in its own respect.

BMW Z4 sDrive23i: With a 199g/km CO2 emission, this entry level car produces 204hp and it could even drop its emissions at 192g/km but at the expense of some performance.

Mercedes Benz SLK 200 K: This is another folding hard top from Mercedes provides a 184g/km of emission and relies on forced induction. You get a car that is a perfect blend of performance, efficiency and practicality.

Mazda MX-5 1.8: This is a real purist sports car with a fantastic 126hp engine. It has emissions of 167g/km, the necessary equipment to match and a rear wheel drive.

BMW 118d Coupé: What could compete with BMW’s Efficiency Dynamics? It has emissions of 119g/km but even if t is not that fast, it is much more eco-friendly.

Honda CR-Z: One of the more conventional eco-friendly offerings, this car has 117g/km emissions, a fuel economy of 56.6mpg. It may not be that fast but it is best for the urban setting and making a scene without causing much damage.

Tesla Roadster: this is the first on the list on the offerings for electric cars, with no CO2 emissions. It has 295lb ft of torque. Just with these specs you can see that this car is for serious players.

Lightening GT: This is an amazing British-built supercar with an incredible design and impeccable in-wheel motor power, though the price starts about 120,000 British Pounds, it is a car to look forward to.

RUF Greenster: with 695lb ft torque, and 0 emissions, you could imagine people clamoring over this offering from Porsche when it is available to order later in this year.

More and more car companies address the issue of climate change and global warming. With the new technologies and greater efficiency of car models coming out, it is safe to say that sooner or later, more people would recognize the importance of low- 0 emissions for the sake of the planet.

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