Top 10 Cars from Enco Exclusive

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Enco Exclusive is a German based company that specializes in providing modified cars to individuals. Of the cars they make, this is their top ten list.
Lamborghini LP 560-4

Enco created a carbon fiber glove for the car’s lean body. The front bumper is carbon fiber only and has 3 gills on each side from where the fiber strands can be clearly seen. Two more carbon fiber elements are available to fit both the front splitter and the rear spoiler. The 3GT side skirts make it look bigger. Carbon fiber finishes are added to the wing mirrors and air vents.

Audi Q7

Enco did a fine job on the Audi Q7 30 TDI. They added an additional grille, expanded its wheel bows and added ironstone brakes taken from a Porsche. They installed a carbon made fiber bonnet and a bronze made interior trim.

Audi Q5

This model from Enco Exclusive has great performances at a reasonable price. It has new side sills which lead to a modified rear which has a rear spoiler and dual oval exhaust pipes. They used Pirelli scorpion zero tires. Their standard color is silver.

Porsche 550 GT Cayenne

On this model, they added high performance headers. They added an additional front and rear bumper spoiler and side skirt. It has 4 protruding exhaust tips. The side skirts make it look closer to the ground.

Corvette C6

Image © ENCO Exclusive

This sporty corvette has an exhaust with 4 tailpipes of 100mm diameter. It has an aluminum frame. It has Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. Carbon fibers components are visible. Its engine has high flow cylinder heads. The wheel is a special split-spoke aluminum design.

Toyota Landcruiser Lexus

Enco made this with high performance headers, a sport catalytic system and rear muffler with hand chromed tailpipes 2x80mm optical left and right. There are different types of rims available.

Bentley Continental GTC

On this, they changed the front and tail optics, used 21 inch turbine design aluminum wheels and a sport exhaust system which starts from the catalyst. It achieves 62mph in 4.8 sec. It has a sporting grille and individually mounted head lamps.

Maybach 57

Image © ENCO Exclusive

Enco exclusives upgraded this one to optimal Maybach 57S. Its wheels are now 8.5×20. It used to be 8×19. The tires are now 257/42R20 and they were previously 257/50R19. Enco added then a rear muffler and a tail pipe. The 6 liter V12 Mercedes-AMG engine has been upgraded to produce 612bhp. It accelerates from 0-62mph in 5 sec and has a top speed of 171mph.


Image © ENCO Exclusive

The modified X5 has xenon head lights with led corona rings. At the back, the rear light has horizontal led bars, a new bumper and has fatter tail pipes. The front bumper has bigger vents.

Ford Focus RS 500

Image © ENCO Exclusive

This has the best handling front wheel hot hatch. It is finished in Batman-spec matt black with metallic black 19 inch alloys. It accelerates from 0-62 mph in 5.2 sec. It has a 300 horse power and 400Nm.
Source: ENCO Exclusive

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