Top 10 Cars from Avus Performance

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Avus Performance is based in Berlin German. They specialize in modifying cars. This is the top 10 list of the best cars they have modified.

1. BMW M3

The M3 already is one of the best cars, but Avus Performance raised this vehicle to new heights. They supplied a revised modified suspension and revised the exhaust system. They added extra carbon exterior parts such as the front lip. Wheels can be made in different sizes. They come in either matt bronze or matte gunmetal color.

2. Audi TT-RS

It is a special model in the Audi’s line up. It has 5 cylinders, 4 wheel drive and much horsepower. They improved the body, aerodynamics and its vision. It is available in matt black coat. The turbo, ecu software and exhaust can be modified.

3. Audi RS6

As they import Sportec products, they equipped it with a high performance exhaust system with diameter of 70mm and new ecu software. It accelerates 0-60m in 3.9s. They took this car to a new level.

4. Mercedes C63 AMG

It seemed impossible to have more power from the C63 AMG but they did it. The car is capable of producing 585hp and 545 lbs-ft of toque and reaches a top speed of 320km/h. It has a new blacked-out grill, roof and mirror casings and stainless exhaust tailpipes.

5. The Nissan GT-R

This model is a popular car for the tuning companies. They put a new motor management system. It now produces 580bhp and 700Nm of toque. They removed the middle buffer to get a better sound from the exhaust system.

6. Audi A4 Avant

Avus revealed a new tuning program for this car. They named it the black arrow. It has glossy black 21 inch wheels and a coil-over holdup. It also has led tail lights and a few matt wraps. Engine produces 230bhp and 358 lb-ft of toque.

7. Audi A5

They made a rebound with this car, which they call A5 coupe matt black. They put 21 inch alloy wheels and red lights, providing it with an aggressive road hugging appearance. It is more exciting to drive than its factory equivalent.

8. Audi Q7

They established an air holdup that can be adjusted digitally to lift or lower the car. This offers one of the coolest rides around. It has a 4.2 liter engine and has an increased power. They painted the front grill and gave it eyelids. 23 inch wheels are available in every color. Wheel spacers were used to make the wheels fit well with the fenders.

9. Audi R8

This Audi comes with a custom paint job and lowering springs. The front grill is surrounded in deep black and the front and rear diffuser in lava grey. The interior is marvelous.

10. Volkswagen TS

The new car has new headlights with electronic adjustment, fog lights and a mirror with electronic adaptation. It has been repainted and has a complete set of black stock rims.
Article Source: Avus Performance

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