Today was launched the cheapest car

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Indians from Tata launched today, as promised, the cheapest car in the world, on behalf Nano, what’s right with several months delay, they say because of the deteriorating economic environment Indian.
Car (to say so) will be presented at the Bombay Company by Tata chairman, Ratan Tata, whose name it bears us.

Tata Nano

What really attracts this car is certainly the price of 2000 dollars (1500 euros or 100,000 rupee) for the standard version. With this money, from the Father will provide an engine of 33 HP and 624 cubic cm, without air conditioning, no electric windows and assisted steering. So what you want now for 1500 euros?

Tata Nano

Nano will go to Tata concessionaires and dealers in early April.
Most likely, this vehicle will be marketed in Europe under the brand Nano Europe. It will be sold at a price higher than that announced for the Indian market and will come with a different design and superior standard equipment.
Also, Europe Nano will Wheelbase longest of 2.28 meters, a train running different tires 14 inch, power assisted steering and even a mirror for the passenger on the right. And we have not finished yet. I think I wrote about engine aluminum cylinder in three and a five-speed transmission to drive a little safer on motorways in Europe. Highways where I do not know if the Indians know it, there are speed limits inferior.

Tata Nano

Aside from a joke, it’s good to know that sales of new cars in India have fallen by 20% in 2008, Tata officials and analysts consider in these circumstances that the Nano will be saving car market in India and elsewhere.
And if you were to get the words of a young Indian who confesses that his initial intention had been to buy a model produced by a U.S. manufacturer, you can change and new perspective on this slow machine: “The economy lowered at half-mast, I would have thought twice before you buy a car. Not for Nano.”

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