Tips to Follow for Candidates Preparing for the RTA Theory Test


Learn driving motor vehicles. For procuring your driving license you require to pass the RTA test. Many say that the RTA Dubai theory test is tough and reports suggest that roughly 35% of candidates fail the written RTA test, on the very first attempt. Those who are preparing for the RTA theory test need to consider the following points:-


Study Early for the Tests


As a candidate appearing for the RTA test you should avoid giving the test in a hurry. Instead, you need to plan carefully over a certain period in order to appear for the test. The Light Motor Vehicle Handbook offers the candidates useful references for the test. As a candidate you can summarize the entire handbook into a few pages of notes. The Light Motor Vehicle Handbook offers you information of the permitted alcohol levels, the usage of high and low beams, regulations concerning child safety and seatbelt.


Participate in Practice Tests


The most appropriate way to test your knowledge is to take practice tests. Take theory practice tests online from the comfort zone and at any time of your choice. To participate in practice tests you need an internet connection. While appearing for practice tests ensure that the website offering questions are relevant to the state where you reside. In this context it is relevant to say that the driving laws and regulations may not be similar in all states. Sometimes driving and simultaneously talking on a hand-held mobile device is permitted in some states but banned in other states. The practice tests help the candidates to identify their weak areas and focus on them. Taking a practice test for RTA Dubai theory test is totally free of cost.

Be Careful About Your Diet and Exercise

It is important that you carefully watch your diet as well as exercise. Prior appearing for the written test, take a good breakfast. If you are used to take a cup of tea or coffee along with breakfast then do take it as it helps you to stay fit and agile. If you are feeling a bit tensed about the RTA exams then you can try working out a bit. Few minutes of jogging, cycling or sprinting helps you to remain free from tension. Avoid getting fatigued if the exams are a few hours away. Avoid staying up late at nights, partying or drinking. Avoid studying for the exams by waking late nights. This is not the best approach as far as preparing for the permit test is concerned because it is observed that you can easily forget whatever you have mugged up for the tests.

Need Having the Right Attitude

It is better for you to surround yourself with individuals who are ready to extend to youtheir help and support. These individuals may include friends as well as family members who have already appeared for the permit test. There are test centres which repeat the same questions again and again. You need to train your mind to answer the questions with confidence. Stop getting nervous during the exams.

There are as many as 45 questions for the candidate to complete in 30 minutes. For passing the exam you need to correctly answer 36 questions out of 45. The questions are mostly multiple-choice type.

To appear in the exams you need to show your identity proof. Other things that you must not forget while sitting for the exams include identification card, proof that you have completed driver’s training program, you also need to carry with you your passport. For more information visit relevant resources available online.