Three reasons why your steering wheel may start to shake


If the steering wheel of your car starts to shake while you are driving, or when you put your foot on the brake, you need to deal with the issue. You should never just ignore a shaking steering wheel as the problem will only get worse if you do. In this article, we are going to look at three reasons why the steering wheel of your car might be shaking. Hopefully, this advice will help you when you are trying to get the problem sorted out.

Problems with warped brake rotors

If the steering wheel of your car is shaking, warped brake rotor will most often be the cause of the problem. The shaking normally occurs when you press your foot on the brake pedal and you will often feel the sensation in the pedal as well. As brake rotors age, they wear down, and they cannot continue to dissipate the heat that happens when you brake, as they once could. This means that the rotors heat and cool all the time, and eventually warp. When you apply the brakes in the car, the pads are affected by the warped shape of the rotors. If you have this problem with your vehicle, you should have the rotors and brake pads replaced.

Problems with tyres that are not even, or are not balanced

If the problems with a shaking steering wheel happen when you are driving the car, and not when you are breaking, there is likely to be an issue with the tyres on your car. As you may be aware, tyres are balanced before they are fitted to your car. The problem is that the balancing weights often fall off once the tyres have been in use for a while. This means that the balance of the tyres is not as it should be. If you think that this problem may be causing your steering wheel to shake, you should have your wheels balanced at your local garage or auto servicing centre. There is also a chance that the tyres on your car may have started to come apart inside. The first sign that this has happened is often a bulge in any affected tyres. You should check to see if there are any apparent bulges. If this has happened to your tyres, you will need to search for replacement tyres in Sydney, and have them fitted as soon as possible.

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Problems with alignment

Problems with the alignment of your vehicle normally happens if you have been driving on roads that are not even. Poor alignment causes uneven wear on the tyres of your vehicle. This, in turn, can cause the steering wheel to shake. All of these issues can potentially cause the steering wheel of your car to shake, either while you are braking or while you are driving. If you think your car is affected by any of these issues, it’s a good idea to have it checked by a mechanic. Do not wait to get the problem dealt with; any delay will only make the issue worse, and could be dangerous.