Three Reasons Used Parts are A-Okay

Some people shy away from the prospect of using used parts, and for understandable reasons. Used parts have experienced wear and tear new parts haven’t, and they can oftentimes represent older designs. However, buying used parts and vehicles, even used truck cabs, can actually represent a very sound investment. The following are the three primary reasons why.


First, used parts are more inexpensive. This is almost universally true, with a few odd exceptions for vintage or legacy parts. For the purposes of work or business, you’ll never encounter exceptions like this. It is said that a car loses a certain percentage of its value as soon as it drives off the lot, and this is true of most machines and machine parts in some fashion, even if the disparity will not be the same as between a new and used car off a commercial car lot.

One of the less-obvious advantages to buying parts used is that they are proven. Used parts always represent those that have been in service and seen a certain amount of use. Generally, this means successful use, or the part wouldn’t be worth selling aftermarket. This is important, as while new parts are thoroughly tested before market release, some of the ramifications of long-term use may remain in the theoretical stage until that use is actually seen in the real world. Thus, you can know you’re getting a reliable part that suits your purposes if you buy something used, because it will have already served in that role for some time without trouble.

Finally, used parts have been tested on an individual basis. This is important in avoiding “lemons.” Some vehicles and parts are flawed from manufacturing forward, but still manage to make it to the market. If you’re stuck with one of these, particularly if you are buying an individual part, pursuing a refund or any kind of compensation can be difficult. This will come after you’ve already paid full price for a new item. Used parts have wear and tear, but they are known quantities.

They can be relied upon not to fail, except in ways associated with long-term use.
The prevalence of easy service for parts means that the mitigating factors of long-term strain can be easily overcome. There is little reason not to pursue a used part unless you specifically require a new part for some application, so long as you know what you’re doing.

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