This Volkswagen Beetle is actually a Chinese clone

It’s a common practice for Chinese automakers to take their design inspiration a little too far until the car appears to be a blatant copy of another automaker’s pre-existing vehicle. Notice Great Wall of China engines‘Electric Vehicle (EV) Arm, ORA, from Auto Expo 2020? Well, GWMs NOW has now come under fire for doing something similar with her upcoming EV. Pictures of the upcoming EV from ORA have surfaced on the internet and show an uncanny resemblance to the Volkswagen Beetle, which is arguably one of the most iconic designs in the automotive world.

Ora Ev side profileThe upcoming ORA EV from GMW looks incredibly similar to the Volkswagen Beetle.

ORA’s interpretation of the icon Volkswagen Beetle however, is a four-door electric vehicle. This unnamed EV, due to be officially unveiled later this month at the Shanghai Motor Show, appears to be inspired by the original 1960s Beetle. The overall silhouette of the car as well as some design details are immediately recognizable as a Beetle, although all of this has been combined with a modern taste. The rounded edges, flared wheel arches and the iconic sloping roof are also reminiscent of the original Beetle.

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Rear, even the window line and the front and rear bumpers mimic the original design so closely. This is a four-door model, however, and the extra length thankfully helps it break away from the Beetle’s iconic silhouette. The rear part of this vehicle also lacks the split rear window that was a characteristic element of the 1960s Beetle. The modern details of this ORA EV include LED headlights and taillights, stylish-looking alloy wheels, and a neat and minimalist rear end. Like most other Chinese cars and rip-offs, this ORA EV is lavishly decorated with chrome.

Ora Ev rearThe modern details of this ORA EV include LED headlights and taillights, stylish-looking alloy wheels, and a neat and minimalist rear end.

The retro design theme has also been carried over inside. The interior of this ORA EV features a Beetle-inspired larger round old-school steering wheel with chrome detailing throughout the cabin. However, this is a thoroughly modern interior with a large floating touchscreen infotainment system on the dash, and the instrument cluster is expected to be digital too. The ventilation slots, door handles and some buttons and dials are also lavishly decorated with chrome. The interior looks a bit more original than the outside area and we particularly like the design of the center console.

Ora Ev InteriroThe inside of the ORA EV looks a little more original than the outside.

Technical data and other details about this unnamed Beetle lookalike are not yet known. However, it is speculated that this EV could be based on the same platform as ORA’s other retro electric cars – the Good Cat. We’ll have more technical details once the car makes its official debut. What do you think of this Chinese rip-off of the Volkswagen Beetle as a modern electric vehicle? Let us know in the comments below.

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