This is what the 2021 Jawa 42 exhaust sounds like [Video]

Classic Legends launched the 2021 Java 42 in India last month. The new motorcycle receives a variety of cosmetic updates that make it look a lot sportier than the previous model. Classic Legends says there have also been improvements to the 293cc single cylinder engine, which produces a maximum power of 27.33 hp and a maximum torque of 27.02 Nm. The company has also optimized the exhaust rating. That’s what it sounds like.

In the video uploaded by YouTuber Biker Prakash Choudhary, we see that the driver is driving a red color 2021 Jawa 42. The motorcycle is lit and its loud exhaust can be felt immediately. We feel like it has quite a bit of bass when idling, which is pretty impressive for a single cylinder motorcycle. The driver also turns the engine a little and the exhaust becomes louder and more pleasant.

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The driver moves forward in the footage and takes the 2021 Jawa 42 for a joyride. The exhaust from the motorcycle while driving sounds a lot better. It has a nice grunt and gets throatier as the revs go up. We think it should be more pleasant from a third person’s point of view and definitely act as an eye catcher. What do you think of the exhaust of the new Jawa 42? Leave a comment and let us know.

Some of the main features of the 2021 Jawa 42 are:

  • 13-spoke alloy wheels with tubeless tires
  • Handlebar end mirror as standard
  • Adding an odometer in the instrument panel
  • Redesigned seat shell and cushioning for more driver comfort
  • Optimized frame and suspension for improved ride quality and handling
  • Fly screens and headlight grilles as special accessories

The 2021 Jawa 42 is available in 3 new color options, namely Orion Red, Sirius White and AllStar Black. They share a common all-black theme and a classic gray sports stripe that runs the length of the bike.

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