Things You Need to Know About Infrared Curing Lamps


From the past few months, the infrared curing lamps have created a buzz on the internet. Although the infrared technology is an older concept that may appear little boring to the current advanced generation; but when we relate it to the latest cars, it naturally captures the attention of millions of people around the world.

Infrared (IR) is a specific type of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. It helps to transfer heat, but the movements cannot be observed by humans. Anything that has some temperature usually emits infrared rays; this statement is true for ice cubes as well.

The professionals in the automotive industry these days are talking about infrared paint curing lamps. This technology has unlimited benefits; however, few of them are listed below:

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Higher speed:

IR heat is capable enough to reduce the overall time for air drying finishes, including top-coats, base coats, primers, fiberglass, and fillers as well. Although drying time usually depends upon the type of finish used for vehicle, humidity, and temperature conditions. However, it is proven that IR paint curing lamps can reduce the drying time by 50 to 90 percent with ease. For instance, some high-quality lamps are capable enough to cure the water-based vehicle paints in only three minutes.

Flexible solution:

You will be happy to hear that these lamps can be used with almost all types of automotive paints; the list includes waterborne, water-based and solvent-based paints as well. Note that, waterborne paint is considered as norm due to some environmental regulations; however, it is more sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. IR heat lamps can help you to reduce drying times by a considerable extent.

Lower energy bills:

Experts recommend using IR car paint curing lamps due to several reasons, but the biggest one is that they can be positioned on desired locations with ease. You can easily target the wet finishes without even applying unnecessary heating on unwanted areas. At the same time, they do not demand expensive enclosures for heat recirculation or trapping.

Enhanced results:

IR lamps can easily improve results by simply eliminating the requirement of airflow. As a result, the risk of ruining the finish can be easily avoided. The IR waves are capable enough to penetrate deeper into the surface and dry the material from inside out with peak temperature settings. As a result, you can expect lesser orange peel with higher gloss and better adhesion.

Safe to use:

IR paint curing lamps are safe to use for humans and the environment as well. They do not emit any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen oxides, or other toxic substances such as diesel, gas, and propane, etc. It clearly means that the work environment stays safer, cleaner, and quieter as well.

With all such amazing advantages, IR car paint curing lamps becomes the best solution for the automotive industry. You can easily find a various short wave and medium wave IR car paint curing lamps online to start with desired results.

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