Things I Wish I Knew About Driving When I First Passed



So, you’ve recently passed your driving test? Congratulations!

You’ll no doubt be on cloud nine right now, and you deserve to be too. However, driving comes with huge responsibilities. There will inevitably be a sense of trial and error involved as you learn the key lessons to make you a better and more efficient driver. Nonetheless, some of those crucial factors that you should know ASAP.

Like every other newly passed driver, you probably think you know it all. You don’t. Here are some of the things I wish I had known before getting behind the wheel as an officially passed driver. Take heed; you will not regret it.

Practicality Is King

Throughout those months of learning, and even before that, you’ve probably had your eyes on a certain car. In most cases, that dream is almost entirely dictated by our eyes. But while it’s great to have a beautiful vehicle, the most important aspect is practicality.

Your first car is a vehicle that you’ll never forget. But it’s imperative that those memories are positive ones. Sourcing a reliable city car that’s suited to your needs and budget should be top of your agenda. After all, it doesn’t matter how nice the car looks if it’s constantly in the garage.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a new or used motor. The key is that it satisfies your needs as a driver. With the right vehicle, though, you’ll have the perfect foundations.


Other Costs Are Key

Of course, buying a car is one of the biggest single purchases you’ll ever make. As such, you should be eager to weigh up the pros and cons of leasing, financing, and other options. However, the car itself is just the start.

As a driver, you’ll encounter various other costs. Worse still, car insurances and other fees are very expensive for new and inexperienced drivers. Likewise, you need to consider road taxes, petrol, and all the other associated fees. If you don’t factor them into your budget, driving could end up making your life harder. Quite frankly, that’s the complete opposite effect of what you’re aiming for.

Distractions Can Be Harmful

Road safety is unquestionably the most important factor for any driver. After all, millions of motorists suffer serious injuries each year, and you don’t want to be one of them. We all know that driving under the influence can be extremely dangerous, but did you know there are far more hazardous situations.

For starters, driving when you’re sleepy could be fatal. Investing in an anti-sleep device could be the greatest investment you ever make. Meanwhile, using a smartphone can be very dangerous too. But with a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be able to handle those calls without taking your eyes off of the road.

The thought of getting lost can be rather scary too, and trying to find a way out can leave you in a vulnerable position. If you’re likely to drive in unfamiliar territories, a Sat Nav should be on your shopping list.

Preparation Is Key

No matter how safe you are on the road, you only need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The hard facts are that you are more likely to encounter a crash during the first year or two of driving too. Therefore, it’s imperative that you know exactly how to react should such a situation arise.


In an accident, your health comes first. However, you need to consider other aspects too. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will help you stay calm. Of course, you will still require the expertise of a car accident attorney. Nonetheless, knowing exactly which details to record will make life a lot easier. Ideally, you won’t ever need that knowledge. But possessing it is vital.

Simple Maintenance Goes A Long Way

Cars are expensive, and facing regular repair work can send those costs through the roof. Whether the vehicle is new or used, taking care of it is vital.

Prevention is the best form of protection. Simply keeping the vehicle’s fluid levels in good health will make a noticeable difference. Perhaps more importantly, though, you should pay extra attention to the tire pressure. Not only will this help stop further damage occurring. It’ll also ensure that you have a much smoother ride.

As a new driver, there’s nothing greater than knowing your car is safe and enjoyable to drive. Apart from anything else, better maintenance can end up saving you money in repairs and depreciation. What more motivation could you ever ask for?