These Unique Car Safety Features Will Blow Your Mind!


There’s no question that automotive technology is developing at an increasingly high rate. It seems like it was only a few years ago that heated seats and rear-view cameras were seen as luxury upgrades, and now you can get them on almost any make and model! As these once high-end upgrades have filtered down into the mid- and low-level vehicles, it has become increasingly difficult for luxury car makers to develop innovative features that will make their cars stand out from the pack and justify their higher price point. Thankfully, many of these automakers have focused their research and development on engineering creative new safety features that can make the open road a more harmonious place for everyone. These incredible safety features will one day hopefully be available on any make and model, allowing us all the opportunity to have a safer and more exciting driving experience.


Parking Assist

What a boon for city-dwellers! Parallel parking in tight spots can be tricky, and exposes you to costly insurance claims and damage to your precious car. Modern parking systems analyze the size of the space and back the car in safely for you.

Blind Spot Detection

No Matter how diligent you are about checking your blind spot, it’s likely that the frame of your vehicle still prevents you from seeing every potential danger. With blind spot detection, you can change lanes with ease knowing that even if your eyes miss something, the computer won’t.

Auto Lane Control

We all get distracted on the road occasionally, and allow the car to drift slightly into the next lane. This great feature allows the car to make minor steering adjustments to keep you safely in the lane, avoiding the uncomfortable jolt that comes from quickly swerving back.

Automatic Brake Hold

If you’re stuck at a long stoplight or train crossing, this unique feature will keep the brake applied for up to ten minutes, even if you accidentally let your foot slip.

Adaptive Headlights

Driving in the dark is still one of the most dangerous conditions, but this nifty new technology is aiming to change that. These headlights follow the paths of curves ahead of the vehicle, and can adjust themselves based on your speed and the level of ambient light detected.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection

Pedestrians and cyclists are notoriously unpredictable, and often choose unwisely to ignore the rules of the road. So why not let your car warn you when they are in the vicinity, and even brake automatically in the event that you miss the alert?

Emergency Braking

When all else fails, and automated emergency braking system can apply the brakes even if you don’t respond to earlier warnings. When you do apply the brakes, additional braking power can be added automatically to reduce the amount of time it takes to stop and lessen the impact of a crash.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is the true dream of cruise control, where the vehicle detects traffic and analyzes the speed of the vehicles around you, increasing or decreasing speed as needed to keep up with the flow.

Rear-view Camera

Say goodbye to checking multiple mirrors and straining over your shoulder to try and see your blind spots. These cameras automatically engage when you are in reverse and allow you to back up slowly and safely while keeping two eyes behind you at all times.

Forward Collision Avoidance System

It’s no secret that cars ahead of you often slow down or stop without warning, creating the potential for a dangerous collision. These innovative sensors alert drivers when vehicles ahead are getting too close.

Even with all of these new amazing safety features available, you’re never 100% immune to the dangers of the road, so enroll in a traffic school or defensive driving course today to make sure that you have all of the knowledge you need in order to drive to the best of your ability. Are you interested in receiving a discount on your auto insurance premium? Of course you are! Completing an approved defensive driving course may qualify for a discount with your insurance provider. Need a traffic citation dismissed? We all do from time to time, and many states will strike the violation from your record and not add points to your license upon completion of a defensive driving course.