These Are The Main Risks Of Losing Control Out On The Road


Everyone who drives knows there is inherently some risk involved in it. You’re in a piece of metal that can travel up to a hundred miles an hour and sometimes more. If a wrench gets thrown in the works, you can lose control and cause serious damage. Or even just end stranded on a road where other pieces of metal can travel just as fast. You need to be more than aware of the dangers. You need to be prepared for them.

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Driving under the influence

Despite the fact that message is repeated ad nauseam, there are still a lot of people who take the extra risk of driving while drinking. There’s one misconception that there’s a ‘safe limit’. In truth, even one drink is enough to compromise your judgement to the point of danger. All it takes is just a second or two of lapsed concentration on the road. You might find yourself getting seriously hurt or, at best, fighting a DWI.

Road conditions

It’s not just alcohol that can cause you to lose control, either. The conditions of the road themselves can be just as dangerous. For example, sometimes it might be potholes or damaged railings that can pose a real risk. Are you driving a long distance or to an area you’ve never been to before? You should look up traffic notifications to see if there are any dangers lurking. Another kind of condition you need to prepare for is the danger of the weather. Make sure your car is fitted to drive through poor visibility and maintain traction if it’s raining hard. Similarly, make sure you have gear prepared to adapt the car in the winter.

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Preparation of the car is a step that you must take. Not just for dangers that you might expect on the road. It’s important to keep it in good condition, all the time. Car malfunctions can cause a lot of problems if they strike while you’re on the road. For example, if your brake pads are worn, you can easily find yourself losing control when you need to stop. That’s why you need to keep your eyes and ears out for the warning signs that you need a mechanic. Don’t neglect the shape of your car.

Breaking down

It’s not quite losing control of a car as it’s going full speed, but it can be just as dangerous a condition. If you break down, you need to try get your car as far off the road and be as careful as possible about getting out. Don’t stand on the side that’s open road. Instead, move to place high-visibility cones around the back of it. It’s best to prepare an emergency kit for this situation. One item you should always include is a fully charged phone switched off. That way you’re never at risk of running out of battery to phone someone.

We hope that this guide convinces you to be a lot warier of the dangers you come across on the road. That extra step of preparation might just keep you from getting in serious trouble.