The Volkswagen Frog Gets Tuned By ABT Sportsline!

Cars are for driving, not for showing off.

So, who of you prays for a low fuel consumption hands up and check out this beautiful Volkswagen Beetle tuned by ABT Sportsline.

As I said, the first worked up element was the performance domain which made the  2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to work with 168hp (170PS) and 370Nm (273 lb-ft), while the 100km/h can be reached in 8.8 seconds.

Next to that we have a lower suspension, a larger brake kit for the front axle with black  calipers,  a front spoiler, a rear apron with a diffuser and twin oval exhaust pipes, head- and tail-lamp covers and a license plate insert.

The little froggie is ready to face the demons of the highway, as the CEO and founder of ABT Sportsline declares: “It is really the right engine for this car. Particularly people who use their car quite a lot will really value how economical but also torquey it is.”