The rising trend of dash cams


These days insurance premiums are constantly on the rise, driving skills are on the decline, and damage done to a vehicle while parked happens more often than not. Because of these three examples, dash cameras are on the rise and this article will point out a few reasons why.

Insurance purposes.

Often times people are confident in their driving skills and do not worry about having to defend themselves to their insurance company should they experience an accident. With insurance premiums on the rise on a consistent basis, and many people not purchasing insurance due to the costs associated, there is a chance that you can get into a fender bender and then not receive retribution for the damages rendered. A dash cam has helped many people prove that they were not at fault for the accident.

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Some insurance companies are offering a discount if you have a dash cam properly installed in your dash. This helps the insurance company prove what actually occurs should you be in an accident or if your car was vandalised.


More people are using dash cams on a regular basis to record road trips or jaunts around town. There are even youtube channels dedicated to dash cam footage and millions of people are watching these video clips as a way to see places they have never been or just listen to the commentary of the passengers. Dash cams are so popular that some are even using them on the motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, or even bicycles. Dash cams used to be just for usage in an automobile but now they can be connected to a helmet or worn around your head. Easily upload to youtube or edit them on your computer. Either way, you can save your journey and watch it at a later date. A dash cam can be used as a live diary!

Help improve your driving skills.

Dash cams can help improve your driving skills. If you keep your dash cam on while you drive, you can easily play it back at a later date and see how you are driving. You can ensure that you are following all proper driving rules and if not, make note of it so that you can improve your driving abilities.

Have you considered investing in a dash cam? For the few reasons we mentioned, dash cams have become the latest and greatest trend among people of all ages. Whether you are using your dash cam as a way to save money on car insurance, capture a road trip with friends, or make a few extra quid by uploading it to youtube for viewers to enjoy, it is definitely a technological gadget that is a popular craze. With so many to choose from, you can get one that is inexpensive with basic features or invest in one that is more costly but has a greater range, picture quality, and storage capacity. Whatever your reasons are, a dash cam can be a fun new hobby or a great investment for protection purposes.