The Porsche 911 GT3 attracts American manual buyers

There’s one line we’ve got used to hearing from automakers: We don’t offer a manual transmission because the take rate is so low. Another rule of thumb is that Americans buy vending machines while our friends across the Atlantic prefer manuals. Electric cars even sold gear levers in 2019. With cars like the Porsche 911 GT3, however, expectations are turned upside down. A new one will be coming soon, but let’s see how the previous model worked.

According to BNN BloombergAccording to Porsche spokesman Luke Vandezande, the American acceptance rate for the 6-speed manual transmission GT3 is an astonishing 70%. Not only that, the global manual take rate for the GT3 does not even come close to just 30%. And for non-GT3-911, the rate is only 20% to 25%. It is clear that despite the 7-speed PDK, the faster acceleration option and the fact that a turbo is faster, buyers of the naturally aspirated GT3 prioritize a connection to the machine over l times.

For mass-produced cars like a Nissan Sentra, the standard transfer rate is typically 1% or less. Even hold-outs like Honda and BMW have ditched the manual option for their 2021 Civics, Accords, and 3 Series. However, certain sporty models have retained their old school soul. For the Subaru WRX, 90% of buyers choose a manual. For the Mazda Miata, 76% of convertible top buyers choose a manual. For buyers of VW Golf R and GTI it was 44%.

There can also be big differences within a brand. For example, the Mini JCW hardtop sees a 41% manual take rate while the Cooper S Countryman sees a big fat goose egg. Sometimes it also depends on the brand. For Subaru BRZ buyers, 78% opt for a manual, but only 33% for the almost identical Toyota 86.

It should come as no surprise that the 911 GT3, one of the purest driver’s cars ever, has such a high rate of gearshift buyers, but after the Americans have been told over and over not to buy manuals, even we were pleasantly surprised at the statistics. It turned out we weren’t the only ones. Porsche itself was also surprised. As I said TrainerFrank-Steffen Walliser, Head of Motorsport, said: “We lost several bottles of wine by betting on the take rate when we reintroduced the manual option. We were surprised how high it was. “

h / t to Motor1

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