The Olixar dock & go car holder

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Windscreen and or dashboard mounts for holding phones are important accessories but over time, using a lot of them have proven to be frustrating and clumsy. Usually, they require the use both hands to operate leading to some sort of struggle when attempting to retrieve your phone from the clamp of the holder. The Olixar dock & go car holder aims to rectify this frustration and thus towering above all other dashboard mounts.

Simple and easy to use

The Olixar dock & go car holder is simple and quite easy to use and it also comes in handy when you need to make use of your phone navigation, make hands-free calls and or play music while travelling. Whether on your windshield or dashboard, the Olixar dock & go car holder sticks and never falls off even though you add a phablet on it. I used it during one of my road trips, a journey of over 400km, and my phone was just there, exactly where and how I left it.

One hand mounting/removal

Additionally you can attach the phone to the Olixar dock & go car holder using one hand. To do this, just add one side of the phone then press down ward. This will cause the clamp to stretch, allowing you to slide the other half of the phone in the other clamp. You do not need to worry about your phone being damaged since there are rubber grips over the plastic holders to securely hold your phone.

Suction mount that can attach to any flat surface

The Olixar dock & go car holder also boasts of a patent suction mount which can stay glued to almost any surface so long it is flat. While it is perfect for your windscreen and dashboard, the suction mount is also able to attach to any surface that is non-porous be it glass, metal, plastic, wood and even dry walls.

Holds phones with screen up to 6 inches

The jaw clamps of the Olixar dock & go car holder known to provide universal compatibility. It is designed to accommodate phones and devices with screens up to 6 inches (11.5cm), thus like no other, it provides compatibility considered universal for diverse range of phones as well as the so called phablets (that is, the super large phones). The implication is that even when you upgrade your device or you own multiple phones, or there is a case attached to your phone, the Olixar dock & go car holder is ready to accommodate them whenever you are ready, now or later.

360° rotation

The Olixar dock and go car holder is able to rotate 360°. This helps you get the perfect angle to view your phone while you drive thus allowing you comfort as you use your phone for sat navigation and hands-free calls.

Contemporary sleek design

It is contemporary and sleek and will definitely look good in your car, and even on your desk as a phone stand. Cleaning it is simple as it involves using cold clean water to wash and then dry it. Once this is done, you will get your maximum suction back

Standout features:

  • Allows one hand quick placing and removal of your phone
  • Securely holds your phones and other devices with screens of up to 6inches in place
  • 360° rotation for the most comfortable viewing angle
  • Contemporary sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Suction mount that can attach to any flat surface

You can buy Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder from at only £12.99. You will love it!

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