The Motorbike That Runs On Water

This sounds like one of those Bible episodes (you remember the one with Jesus, the water and the wine, right?), but it is as real as it gets. It all started with a man’s frustration with the price of gas. Sounds quite familiar up to now. Well while most of us decide to ignore this issue and accept what we are given, Ricardo Azevedo decided that he had had enough.

As a mechanic, Azevedo didn’t find it that hard to make some changes to his motorbike. Inspired by his son’s chemistry book, he decided to play a bit and let the results speak for themselves.  The main principle of use is the process of electrolysis which breaks the liquid into oxygen and hydrogen with the help of an electrical current that is sent through a canister of water. The hydrogen is used to power the engine in a safe manner. Of course, although research in this field has been developing quite fast, it’s still complicated to talk about a safe and accurate method of using water as a source of fuel.

So far, the results have proven to be quite interesting and promising. Ricardo Azevedo declared: “I still haven’t developed everything is it capable of, but I did some tests and in certain settings it can go 500 kilometres (310 miles) using one litre of water. It does not cause any damage to the environment, on the contrary as it will go on to replace fossil fuels and reduce carbon monoxide emissions.”

True story. And isn’t it better to stop at a gas station to buy water instead of fuel? Or maybe fill the tank when you pass by a river. Developing this type of technology would be indeed extremely useful for the planet. What do you think about a motorbike that runs on water?

Via Reuters

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