The Many Differences Between Learning To Ride And Drive


You might think that learning to ride is the same as learning to drive a car. But actually, there are quite a few differences. You might find that learning to ride a motorbike is a completely different experience to passing your driving test.

Self Teaching

One of the main differences between learning to drive is the way lessons are taught. For driving a car, you will use an instructor who will teach you how to drive correctly on the road. For a motorbike, you will start on a track. You will be taught the basics, and then you’ll move on to teaching yourself. With a learner plate, you’ll be able to practice solo until you are ready to take the exam.

The Examination

A driving test and a motorbike test for licenses are quite different. During a driving test, the invigilator will sit next to you and instruct you carefully. For a bike exam, you’ll have an earpiece and possibly a camera. Using this, the invigilator will watch how you ride on selected roads. You will receive very little instruction during the test except for which direction to go in. In this way, both tests are quite similar.

Age Requirement

At age 17, you can drive any road legal car once you have obtained your license. For bikes, the situation is a little different. To gain a full motorcycle license and ride any bike, you need to be, at least 21. However, if you want to ride a moped, you can get your license at 16.

The infographic below contains the full list of requirements.

Infographic Created By Bikesure Motorbike Insurance