The Mansory Stallone GTS is a Ferrari 812 GTS for the “Fast & Furious” crowd

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You have to give it to Mansory because the outfit’s creations never get boring. Certainly polarizing. But never boring. Indeed, the audacity is adorable. Take the new 2021 Mansory Stallone GTS – no relationship with this guy, but a relationship with previous Stallones, like the 812 Superfast-based one that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018. For 2021, this car will get a drop-top counterpart called the Stallone GTS. Still based on the 812, although the GTS version, it’s … something else.

Let’s take a brief second to remember what’s under the Mansory treatment: the Ferrari 812 GTS, Maranello’s first production convertible with V-12 drive in decades. Its hardtop twin, the 812 Superfast, impressed us with its speed during testing. It took him just 2.8 seconds to reach 60 mph and 10.4 seconds to cross the quarter mile. Damn it.

Most of Mansory’s treatment is far more extroverted than the almost tame original. The Stallone sprouts from a gill fender vent, massive rear wing, and small vertical aero blades that float above the front splitter. But it’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect from another manufacturer’s special edition Super Track, and everything is boldly but skillfully done. A few blue accents pop up in the Daytona Gray color and give a little hint of what’s inside.

… What looks like someone dressed a cow in a tracksuit and then made leather out of the suit. A very electric blue leather gets milky-white striped accents, as does most of the dashboard and a fair bit of the custom steering wheel.

In terms of performance, Mansory claims a power bump thanks to a tune and a new exhaust system that offers a total of 830 horses – a plausible increase of 41 hp over the standard 812 GTS. One-piece forged wheels in a staggered 21- and 22-inch configuration are wrapped in solid high-performance rubber.


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