The Lexus Just Topped the Vehicle Dependability Study for the 6th Straight Year

A PR Newswire release dated from Feb. 22, 2017 announced the good news—Toyota’s Lexus brand is once again at the top of the JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study, making this the sixth year in a row that the luxury brand has received the honor. In all, Toyota wound up with 10 of the 18 category awards, but the news that the Lexus is once again at the top of the list for the most dependable vehicles out there is really what’s amazing. The competition there is tough, with auto manufacturers working hard to make gains that might put them within reach of that title.

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More Than Just Lexus

Toyota’s non-premium brand also ranked third overall, which was the highest for any non-premium auto brand in the study. Going car by car, it was actually the Camry that performed best of any car in the midsize category, with Lexus taking the Compact Premium Car, Midsize Premium Car, and Midsize Premium SUV categories. The basic Toyota brand then took the Compact Car, Midsize Car, Midsize SUV, Minivan, and Large Car categories.

Understanding the Toyota Brand

As an auto manufacturer, Toyota has been dedicated to making improvements in vehicle safety, reliability, and efficiency that make their cars some of the longest running vehicles on the road. In recent years, the company is most noted for its low cost of ownership, stemming in part from the fuel efficiency of designs like the Prius and a company-wide design aesthetic that prizes durability and long life in parts.

The Lexus brand serves as a luxury make within Toyota, providing premium vehicles with features that take driving comfort above and beyond the expectations of the average motorist. Its rising reputation demonstrates just how dedicated the entire company is to creating high quality vehicles that stand out against the competition. The only question is, can they manage it again in year seven?