The Hamann BMW displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

BMW strikes again. The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 was “blessed” with the presence of the newest  Hamann 6 Series Cabriolet which reminds us of the  BMW 6 Series, but with certain upgrades.

The main difference between these two is what lies under the hood.  If you will own  a Hamann, you will definitely notice a power of approximately  510 horses which are ready to make you a true road rage. And its quad-tip stainless exhaust contributes to a clear and fashionable display of power.

And last, but not least, the forged alloy wheels and an aggressive body kit have been installed in order to complete the “dangerous- sexy” look.

Just like in Transporter, a movie that has everything (cars for men and pretty guys for the ladies).

Enjoy it!


Via BMW 



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