The Golden Ferrari Italia Spider Gets Tuned!

From all the tuned cars out there, Ferrari should be always on top of the list, never forgotten, always cherished.

Therefore, those interested in a new tuning project for Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, might find the Novitec Rosso kit very impressive.

New things brought up by the German tuning company, you ask? Well, a new carbon fiber air box,an aftermarket exhaust system, some ECU tuning and you have yourself 601 HP with 420 lb-ft of torque.

Moreover, this beautiful Ferrari features a new hydraulic suspension, sway bars, 21-inch alloy rims wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tires, a two-piece front spoiler, mirror covers, rear diffusers, boot lid wing (carbon fiber) and custom leather upholstery for the seats.

So, what do you think? Like or dislike?



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