The Future of Smart Parking

Nowadays, public parking spaces are becoming more and more crowded, which undoubtedly makes motorists feel uncomfortable holding onto the responsibility of parking next to several other vehicles without damaging them in any way shape or form. However, with the way the future of the automotive industry is looking and given how far parking technology has come over the years, it’s time for us to take a closer look at what the future of smart parking technology holds for us.

Smart Parking Metres

As with the average parking metre found in current public carparking locations here in the UK, the smart versions of them are not that different if we’re being honest. The only major difference to the way you’ll be able to pay for parking in the future, is the method of madness behind the payment; and by that, I mean whether you use cash, card, contactless, or, even if you use your phone to pay. So, when you think about it, smart parking metres are just an easier way of being able to pay for parking; a futuristic way.

CCTV Equipment

Not just in the future, but even right now, security plays a huge part in secure and convenient parking. Now that advanced parking systems are underway, CCTV is soon to have a much greater role in the development of the motor industry. In several years from now, CCTV will very closely monitor advanced parking machines, making sure motorists do not leave without paying for their parking space for the allocated period. And, there really is no way out of it! The camera systems will be able to recognise number plates of every vehicle, which is how you will get into the parking area to begin with; so, behave yourself!

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The Drop Off

With advanced smart parking technology any vehicle that enters a parking location will get to enjoy the automatic opening of shutters or doors. This is predicted to happen when the induction loop technology senses a vehicle that is in the correct position to enter, which then causes the booms, shutters or doors to open in front of your eyes – it’s not rocket science, it’s just magic!

The Pick Up

At this point of the cycle, you’re lead to believe that the ‘pick up’ means that the technology will be so advanced that it’s going to be capable of picking your vehicle up from the ground, to then place it in an allocated parking space, right? It’s not what it means at all. Instead, the pickup simply means that, when you leave a space in a smart parking location, the technology picks up on this and is able to let other drivers know of empty spaces, so they can get parked up as quickly as possible.