The BMW M2 vs. the M4: Which is Better?


In many ways, choosing between a BMW M2 and an M4 should be something of a no-brainer. After all, the M4 is marketed as a premium upgrade of the M2 model, and one that boasts considerably more power and acceleration. We should not always believe everything we are told, however, and the fact remains that the differences between the M2 and the M4 are subtler than may initially be apparent.

When comparing the two vehicles, we must also consider the value proposition. While it may be fair to suggest that the M4 has a superior specification and boasts technically better performance criteria, it also comes with a hefty £56,000 price tag when purchased from new. Conversely, a brand new M2 model will cost you £44,070, and this quite a sizeable difference when you consider the driving experience available with each vehicle. If you are lucky enough, there may be some models already appearing in used BMW outlets.

The M2 vs. the M4: Why not everything is as it seems

In terms of design, it is fair to surmise that the M4 looks like a premium vehicle in comparison to the M2. This is only to be expected given that the latter model is essentially a 1-series design, but on further inspection the M2 is relatively cool, sleek and contemporary. This has much to do with its stylish and flared wheel arches, which arc over huge rims and impressive, high performance tyres.

In terms of steering and performance, the M2 also punches well above its weight. It handles beautifully at high speed and around corners, for example, utilising electric power assistance to simulate a comfortable feeling of control and touch. The M2 is also capable of excellent acceleration too, and while it may lack the optimal speed of the M4 its turbocharged torque is far superior to a host of more expensive rival models. So despite the difference in cost and basic specifications, both cars share a similar design and the M2 offers arguably just as enjoyable a ride.

The M2 vs. the M4: Which is better?

Ultimately, choosing between the M2 and the M4 is a far more difficult decision than you may think. Price aside, the M2 will give you pure, unrelenting driving pleasure. It’s handling and performance is phenomenal, as you’d expect from the brand. Although that’s not to say that drivers who prefer truly premium designs and an incredibly powerful specification may actually get more satisfaction from the M4.