The Best Used Cars On The Market In 2016


Often, people will debate whether or not you should buy a new or used car. Today, I take a look at some of the best used cars on the market in 2016 to show you there’s great value out there!

Ford Fiesta Dreitürer (2008–2012)


Ford Fiesta

Regarding all-rounders, the Ford Fiesta is still the car to beat. It does just about everything you could want from a car. It’s spacious, but not too big and hard to handle. All variations of it are a dream to drive and safe for families. Plus, it can be quite nippy too, you can get a Fiesta up to a decent top speed. The best thing about this used car is that there are loads of generations to choose from. You could get one from a couple of years back, or a decade ago. And, the older versions are still good enough to drive today, but for a bargain price.

Ford Focus Trend (III) – Frontansicht, 17. September 2011, Ratingen.jpg


Ford Focus

Yes, I know I just included a Ford car on this list, but it would be criminal not to include the Fiesta too. The fact Ford have two cars on my list is a testament to how well-built their vehicles are. The Focus is a slightly larger car to the Fiesta, and better for people that need some extra room. It’s also more powerful and perfect for those that make long commutes every day. Again, there are tonnes of generations that will still do the trick today. You can probably find a used Ford Focus for less money than a new TV.

Audi A6 2.0 TDI (C7) – Frontansicht, 1. November 2012, Velbert.jpg


Audi A6

If you’re after a luxury saloon car, then the Audi A6 is the vehicle of your dreams. Without even thinking about performance, just look at it. It’s a glorious machine that’s well designed and oozes class. A typical car that you’d see business executives driving and think wow that must cost a lot. But, you can snap this up for a bargain price if you buy it used. And, as with all used Audi cars, you can be certain it will last. They’re all built extremely well, and you won’t have any service issues or repetitive breakdowns. A must-buy for anyone looking for a luxury family car.

File:VW Passat Variant B5 Facelift front.jpg


Volkswagen Passat

The VW Passat is everyone’s choice for the best used estate car on the market. I love estates; they offer you so much space and a comfortable drive. If you have a large family, then an estate is a far better choice than an SUV. The Passat comes it at a very affordable price and is incredibly cheap to run. It also offers one of the smoothest drives around, and can feel super good when you put your foot down. The big boot means it’s ideal for families that want to go on a long weekend getaway and need to bring lots of suitcases with them. A great buy if you want an estate as your car of choice.

Sure, it’s nice buying a new car because it’s new and all yours. But, you can save tonnes of money buying used, and these cars are proof that you can still get an amazing vehicle.