The Best Carbon Fiber Wrap Vinyl Guide

Vipon BMW 318i Wrapped in Crocodile Leather

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More recently, many are waking up to the usage and the quality of carbon fiber unlike many years in the past. Though this product has been around for many years, it was not popular until recently. It was primarily used for automotive customization for many people. I usually used it to wrap my computer components; so many others are adopting this because it makes your device to look quite sexy with a great look and most especially it’s not expensive in any way. This guide is for CF wrap vinyl lovers to show you what type you need, how to apply the wrap, where to buy, and how to show off your carbon fiber wrap.

Subari WRX STI wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl wrap
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Out of the many types of CF wrap vinyl which includes 3M CF wrap, generic, comparison, and white 3M dinoc, 3M is the best. It’s of very high quality, original in most cases, and durable. Though, many can argue the fact that it’s more expensive than others – yes, due to it’s advantages over others – won’t you rather buy quality stuff? More to its features is its ability to work fine with awkward/curved shaped objects.

As earlier noted, there are many other types of carbon fibers available in the market that may appeal to you likely because of its color, flexibility, and durability. They are really great in wrapping flat objects.

In order for you to cut carbon fiber precisely and getting ready to wrap, you will need the followings;

  •    Heat gun/hair dyer
  •    X – Acto knife (this is a precision blade)
  •    Smooth cutting surface
  •    Cutting surface
  •    Carbon fiber wraps/vinyl

Carbon fiber wraps are so common; you can get it anywhere both locally and online since you already know what type you are buying. Almost all of them including 3M vinyl wrap, generic, and comparison are all lesser than $10 (though market keeps changing so I wouldn’t know now, but generally they are not expensive). It is best if you can find it locally since you will be able to select the best of what you want. Large online wholesales/retail outlets, classified ads site can also serve as a good venue to get what you need exactly. Examples are eBay and craigslist. Just type into the search bar what you need, in 2 seconds or less; you will have numerous results waiting for you to choose from.

In order to apply carbon fiber wrap on any components. There are steps you must take and they are as follows;

  •    You must ensure the objects you are wrapping (phones, computer components etc.) is well cleaned as this will ensure that the CF vinyl sticks well with the objects.
  •    You must prepare the items like a knife (precision blades), cutting surface, carbon fiber wrap/vinyl, and heat gun/hair dryer.
  •    It’s faster for you to search “how to apply CF wrap” on youtube

During the cutting and wrapping processes, there are few things to note, these are;

  •    Please try as much as possible to avoid mistake because just a little mistake can make your device look ugly.
  •    Allow your mind to concentrate while cutting the carbon fiber.
  •    Be very careful with the knife and hair dyer