The Best 1960s Cars to Restore

INot too many years ago, the cars of the 1960s weren’t considered true classic cars, and, as a result, the demand for them just wasn’t there. Well, those days are in the past.  Certain cars of the 1960s are quite desirable today, in particular the “muscle cars”, and are in big demand as restored and unrestored vehicles.  In this article we will look some of the best 1960s cars to consider for restoration.

1964-1968 Ford Mustang
You probably know that the Ford Mustang caused a profound shift in America’s automotive landscape in the 1960s.  Quite a bit has been written about the original Mustang but, in short, it was a big thing when it came out (1964).  Today, those classic Mustangs make ideal first-time projects because its popularity and the fact that practically every part you’ll ever need is just a catalog or website away. Mustangs are also backed by excellent clubs that are stuffed with experts and dyed-in-the-wool Mustang enthusiasts. For the restorer, project cars are still easy to find and, when restored, early Mustangs almost sell themselves.

1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Just ask the guys at the Chevy Source on Long Island: everything you need to restore one, no matter how bad it may be, is available brand new for these year Camaros.  Like the Mustangs, the late 70s Camaros were great looking cars, and very hot at the time which means there will always be a huge demand for them. You just can’t lose by restoring a 1967-69 Camaro. Best of all, they were simple, reliable cars which were a blast to drive.

1972-1973 Dodge Challenger
While most Mopar fanatics seem to prefer the ‘Cudas for restoration, the Dodge Challenger is actually better appointed and detailed.  Original examples of these cars are easy to find and the availability of reproduction parts continues to grow.  The models that have the small-block V-8s are the most affordable to buy and the easiest to find, but they sell quickly due to an ever-growing demand.  If you want a big block Challenger, be prepared to pay some significant money but this could be considered an investment as restored versions sell for big bucks.

1970-1973 Pontiac Firebird
Early second-generation Firebirds, just like the Camaro, have become highly sought-after these last few years. Although the high-performance Formula and Trans Am models are the most desirable models, their higher values don’t make them quite as affordable as the standard ones. There are lots of reproduction parts available, including many new body panels. Firebirds are easy to restore and easy to sell.

1965 Chevrolet Impala
The 1961 to 1964 Impalas are hot, hot cars.  It’s unlikely you will find one that is affordable. The next affordable full-size Chevy is the 1965 model, followed by the ’66s, ’67s and ’68s. In fastback form, the ’65 has a sporty character to it, thanks to its sloping roofline and six separate taillamps. While reproduction body parts aren’t as plentiful as for the early models, there are plenty available . Mechanical parts, on the otherhand, are very inexpensive and can be bought everywhere. If you can find one, the SS model is the most valuable.

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