The Benefits of Replacing your Own Faulty Gas Struts


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Have you ever experienced the frustration of a collapsing tailgate or bonnet? This probably means that one of both of your gas struts are starting to fail. Gas struts operate on compression, and it is common for them to lose strength. When this happens you will either need to have them replaced or re-gassed. A lot of motorists will take the car to the mechanic or go straight to their car dealer, but this is not the best solution. Instead, your best option is to purchase aftermarket replacement struts from a supplier and replace them yourself. This is a simple task which will not take long to complete, and will also be very cost effective.

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By taking your vehicle to a local mechanic you are paying for a service which you can do yourself in minutes. In addition, you may find that you have to overpay for the replacement struts and wait a long time to have them fitted. By going to your car dealer you are again including an unnecessary third party, and you could see yourself overpaying and waiting for your struts to arrive. Instead, you could visit a trusted, reputable supplier that can provide you with the correct struts for your vehicle and advise you on replacing them yourself.

Finding Replacement Struts and Re-Gassing

You can easily find high quality, industrial grade gas struts for your particular vehicle which will cost a lot less than from other sources. To find out which strut you need to order you can look at your faulty struts and find a part number printed on the side. You then need to find a supplier of high quality struts, find your car manufacturer at their website and then match the part number. In many cases your replacement struts will come with a simple to follow instructions on fitting the struts, and some suppliers will also have helpful videos online.

In addition, some of these suppliers will offer an alternative to this with a re-gassing service. This will see you send off your weak gas struts to the supplier, where they will be inspected and then re-gassed back to the factory setting. You can view all these options here.

Replacing faulty struts can be quick, affordable and stress free when you get aftermarket replacements and fit them yourself from reputable suppliers. This is a common problem for motorists, but one which does not require the services of a mechanic or a visit to a car dealer.