The 4 Biggest Auto Accidents in Recent History

Throughout recent history, cars have been our best friends. Cars not only take us from A to B, but they allow us to indulge in our hobbies and to create new memories. So there’s nothing worse than to get into a car accident. Car accidents can destroy lives as well as take them. Here are some of the worst collisions that have ever happened.

14th May 1988:

On the 14th May 1988, one of the worst bus accidents in US history took place. The incident occurred on the way home from a church trip to the amusement park. At 11 pm, a black Toyota pick-up truck collided with the bus almost head on. The driver, Larry Wayne Mahoney, was intoxicated when he took the wheel. The bus was engulfed in flames within minutes after the front door disabled and the gas tank ruptured. 27 of the 66 passengers died on the bus, and 34 were severely injured. It’s upon reading about accidents like these that beg the question when to contact a lawyer for a car accident injury?

Image from morguefile

4th November 2011:

On the 4th November 2011, one of the worst pile-ups in UK history occurred. The crash took 7 lives and seriously injured 51 people. The incident happened on the M5 near Taunton, Somerset. The pileup was the deadliest on a British motorway since 13 people, 12 of which were children, died on a minibus on the M40 in 1993. The collision involved cars, vans and lorries, some of which exploded and started a fire. 15 fire engines from the area attended the scene, and one witness described it as “more like a scene from Afghanistan”.

19th January 2009:

At least 20 collisions took place in one night in Washington County, Maryland. The crashes were caused by fog and icy conditions on the roads. The worst of these accidents was a pileup consisting of 7 tractor trailers and 35 cars. The accident claimed 2 lives and injured 35 more, 12 of which were serious. The incidents prompted the stepping in of the Red Cross, who took 45 people into their shelters until road conditions were improved.

Image from morguefile

13th March 1991:

A van driver was caused to skid into the central reservation of the M4 motorway near Hungerford, claiming something flew in front of him. It was later reported that the driver fell asleep behind the wheel. Cars behind the van failed to avoid the crash and skidded into the other lanes of the carriageway. Causing a 51 vehicle pileup. A lorry jack-knifed across the roadway as a result of the accident. Car fuel and deodorant exploded – resulting in the closure of the section of the motorway for 4 days. 10 people were killed, and a further 25 were injured.

Traffic accidents occur for a whole range of reasons. Whether it be icy road conditions or someone falling asleep behind the wheel, you can never be too safe when out on the road. Keep your wits about you and always be prepared for the worst, and most importantly, stay safe out there!