The 3 Steps To The After-Accident

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Nobody ever comes to expect it, and it’s one of the things that most car users are actively trying to avoid – but getting into accidents is part of the unfortunate everyday life that a small percentage of drivers have to face at some point in their driving career. While it’s not something that most people want to prepare for, it’s something that is necessary to get covered in some ways just so you know that you are ready – just in case.

1 – Make Sure That You Are Safe

It doesn’t matter if you have broken down, have been crashed into or have driven your car off the side of the road; the main thing is that you are safe, and are in a safe place. If you can, get your car out of the road or out of the way of other car users to limit any other impacts that may occur. While it’s important that you are visible to other road users, your safety is absolutely vital in this instance. If you are waiting for other people to arrive at the scene, let them know where you are if you are trying to keep out of the way. Call the Emergency Services if necessary, and any breakdown cover should you have it.

2 – Get Details

With a lot of car accidents, some details can’t be remembered. It’s over too fast, and you’re more concerned about keeping yourself safe as a priority, which is definitely the thing to do. However, it’s still important to try and take a note of the time in which it happened, who was involved and anything else that you think may be useful, such as number plates and car makes and models. This is good information to pass on to your car accident attorney should it need to go any further. It’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long run, and lower your stress levels after the accident knowing that you have gotten the information that you could.

3 – Assess The Damage

Even breaking down can be an expensive affair, and that’s without your car hitting into anything. Something as small as a water leak can quickly turn into a blown head gasket, which can be one of the most expensive things that you need to get fixed before being able to drive on again. If you don’t know the basics of car maintenance, it’s good to get clued up on it before you go out and drive anywhere. If you think that your car is beyond the point of repair, and has been involved in a bad accident, it’s essential that you relay this to your insurance company to get everything that you are entitled to. Don’t miss out any details, as they can go against this later on when you are trying to claim your money. Make sure to get the details of anybody else who was involved so that you can sort out what’s owed to different people – either from you, or to you.