The 2021 Toyota Mirai is insane for tax breaks and a $ 20,000 incentive

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The 2021 Toyota Mirai is a steal if you live in one of the few areas of this country with a hydrogen filling station. Toyota values ​​the base XLE trim at $ 50,495, including the $ 995 target fee, but what you pay is nowhere near that price. CarsDirect Recently, new incentives for the car have been discovered that are enough to raise anyone’s eyebrows.

From now until the end of March, Toyota is offering a $ 20,000 incentive when it takes advantage of Toyota’s funding. That alone lowers the effective base price to $ 30,495, or $ 46,995 for the Limited (yes, that trim level is actually $ 16,500 more). But wait, here too there are government tax breaks to consider. The U.S. government will give you a $ 8,000 tax credit, and the state of California (the only state where you can buy the Mirai) will give you an additional $ 4,500. When you factor these two factors in, you see an effective base price of $ 17,995. The Limited drops to $ 34,495 after collecting these discounts. This is a wild deal compared to the car’s starting price of $ 66,995, but its extras are barely necessary and surprisingly few, given the $ 16,500 premium. In other words, just stick with that $ 17,995 XLE.

It gets even harder to say no when you remember that Toyota is offering $ 15,000 free car rental to every Mirai buyer for three years, 21 days in case you have to go further than the Mirai allows (range of 357 miles with the Limited trim and 402 miles with an XLE).

This is getting ridiculous, but CarsDirect also reports that Toyota is offering interest-free financing for up to 72 months. The running costs for this brand new and extremely beautiful hydrogen car are staggering at the moment. Using the “it’s a bargain” cliché in this situation is too easy to pass up.

If you live in the Bay Area or Southern California, want to immerse yourself in the zero-emissions lifestyle, and are relatively close to a hydrogen station, consider the Mirai. This deal is expected to expire in late March, and while Mirais is likely to continue selling slowly, we cannot say what the incentives will be over the next few months. In our first review, you can read here what we think of the newly designed and stylish Mirai.

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