Tesla closed its forums to launch a social platform and fans aren’t thrilled

Tesla plans to close the forum section on its website while a new social platform called the Tesla Engagement Platform is launched. This move has roused the ire of a community of its most ardent supporters.

Tesla announced the new engagement platform for the first time with a notice at the top of the forum page: “As of March 15, the Tesla forums will be read-only. To continue the conversation with the Tesla community, visit engage.tesla.com.” The edge was that report the changes first.

Rather than creating posts and threads, the new website invites owners and fans of the brand to get involved by commenting on Tesla’s posts and campaigns related to public order, including calls to support the company’s disaster relief in Texas and inquiries about Nebraskans are asking their state lawmakers to encourage the passage of a law that would allow Teslas to be sold directly in certain districts.

In the answers of a March 2nd Tesla forum post A commenter with alleged “inside information” announced the 13-day countdown to the end of the platform, claiming the forums would be closed as Tesla couldn’t afford to hire multiple full-time moderators to cope with the spam and deluge Trolls often keep up the strings.

These trolls will likely migrate to Twitter now as the Tesla Engagement Platform is moderated.

The forums, which will now be available as read-only archives, were a place where Tesla fans, investors, and verified owners could ask and answer questions from one another. However, the unmoderated nature of the forum created an environment where the most active posters sometimes attack people for raising concerns. The new microsite, which also helps apply for membership in local owner clubs, promises a direct feedback loop with the company’s policy team and encourages visitors to stand up for Tesla.

“Engage Tesla is a new platform for both the Tesla public order team and the Tesla owner clubs,” it says first post on the new microsite. “The aim is to create a digital basis for all of our work and to make it easier for members of the Tesla community to find out what is most important to us, to take meaningful measures and to stay up to date. We hope that Join us. ” to get involved. “

A quick look through the comments section of the first post reveals a bevy of unfortunate users who want the forums to stay on the new site, or at least to be turned into something similar – and moderated. There’s no shortage of Tesla and other EV-related forums on the internet. This has been viewed as a bastion of toxicity and has been lauded as a place for owners and potential buyers to share honest information about the good and bad parts of the company’s products.

“Please don’t get rid of the forums,” pleaded one commenter. “This is not a substitute. The forums (with the exception of the trolls on them) led to an informed discussion to help other owners with problems.”

In fact, the new platform is not a replacement. It looks more like a blog, posting industry news, Tesla events and campaigns to bring the work already done by its supporters in one place and to further advocate on behalf of the company. For example, the Tesla Owners Club in Silicon Valley had already raised $ 10,000 to help the Del Valle, Texas community that surrounds the area where the company’s new factory will be built.

Not everyone is a critic. While many of the early comments on the platform’s first post call for a moderated forum, some suggest improvements from the company’s customer service department, while others call for resources on how to advocate public charging infrastructure. It’s still early days for the new engagement platform. We’ll see how dedicated Tesla’s fans really find it.

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This story originally continued TechCrunch.

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