Tata Nexon Goes Digital; Removed physical buttons for touchscreen

Tata Motors have tacitly brought a subtle little update to the interior of the Nexon, and it makes a huge difference. Keep up with new trends and try to achieve that NexonDue to the slightly more digital experience, Tata Motors removed the stack of physical buttons and dials for the infotainment system under the central air vents. Instead, there is now a new ‘Nexon’ sticker on the dashboard. The functions of the physical buttons have now been relegated to the touchscreen.

Tata Nexon Xms front leftTata Motors has silently updated the interior of the Nexon with a new sticker on the dashboard instead of the physical buttons and dials for the touchscreen.

These buttons on the dashboard were offered with the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is available from the XZ variant. The six button stack had the following functions: Home, Favorites, Previous, Smartphone and Next / Previous. Tata Motors has also removed the volume and tuner knobs on both ends. All functions can now only be accessed via the touchscreen, while some can also be operated using buttons on the steering wheel.

Nexon Interior DashboardAs you can see in the image below, the physical buttons and dials have been replaced with a ‘Nexon’ sticker.

This is a never-ending debate between touchscreen controls and physical buttons and dials. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In terms of aesthetics, fewer buttons and touch-based controls create a lot of clutter on the dashboard. The increased technical and digital experience also appeals to many customers. On the contrary, touch-based controls are simply not practical and completely betray the ease of use. They constantly require you to take your eyes off the road to operate them, which can potentially be very dangerous.

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Conversely, buttons and dials on physical devices may not be as aesthetic as touchscreens, and some may even think they’re old school, but they’re actually the most convenient to use. And that’s what you really need – should be easy to use, easy to find and, most importantly, safe to use. With practice, you can easily remember the location of the physical buttons. These can be used without taking your eyes off the road. And even buttons and dials can look aesthetically pleasing, as we’ve seen for so many years before the digital age.

With the physical buttons now deleted from the Nexon, you can still use voice commands to access some functions of the infotainment screen. However, even this is usually not as convenient as physical controls. Tata Motors should have given customers the option to choose between physical controls or a full digital experience. It is known that automakers rethink their decisions based on customer feedback. If there is enough negative feedback, Tata can revert to the original controls. While digital controls have their appeal in the beginning, in the long run, preferences simply shift to things that are easy to use.

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