Taking care of your car in the wintertime

car in the wintertime

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Winter, as the season most damaging to a car in terms of aesthetics and overall performance, demands special care for automobiles. Corrosive road salts, melting snow, and ice accumulation bestow both visible and concealed damage to your vehicle. Much of this damage remains unnoticed for a rather long time, long enough to rule out a cheap fix. Preventing unwanted damage caused by adverse winter-related elements is fairly elementary. Simple and common sense care, including auto storage, could avert most of the harm cars endure during the cold months.

car in the wintertime

Washing your car more frequently, especially during the winter, can go a long way. Whether you frequent a car wash or prefer to wash your vehicle yourself, make sure to pay close attention to the undercarriage and wheels, as corrosive agents sprinkled on roads by de-icing crews will cause extensive and dangerous damage to your car. If you decide to wash your own car, add three tablespoons of baking soda to the water so as to neutralize the salt and sand mixture that accumulates whilst driving.

Consider waxing your car with quality products. Wax acts like an impervious shield against salt, sand, and ice thereby protecting the paint job on your car and keeping it presentable. Moreover, waxing can give you, or your mechanic, an opportunity to detect any damage before it is too late and you have to shell out the big bucks.

However, the best way to prevent winter-induced damage on your car is to not drive it during this harsh season. Consider auto storage, it keeps your car out of the streets and out of harms way. There are several components of a car that need some form of temperature control to maintain good performance and reliability. If tucking away your car for several months is not feasible then at least consider storing your car at nights. Cold starts can be extremely damaging to your car’s engine. Lubricating fluids become thick and dense and cannot circulate through the engine and transmission properly causing immediate damage due to lack of lubrication.

Using any kind of storage for cars also prevents snow to accumulate on your vehicle. Unless your car has been recently washed, chances are snow fell on a dirty surface. This requires gentle brushing off as dirt might scratch and damage the paint on your car. By using a storage service for cars this type of damage is avoided as your car is kept clean on the outside and free from snow accumulation.

In the long run auto storage can save you thousands of dollars in damage repairs both to your car’s paintjob and to its internal components. Consider storage for cars an investment on your vehicle. It keeps it looking outstanding and new, it performs better, and it prevents damages that might decrease the value of your automobile.