Subaru Legacy STI S402

Power: 305 HP at 5600 rpm
Maximum Torque: 392 Nm between 2000-4800 rpm

subaru-legacy-sti-s402.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_2.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_3.jpg
Subaru Legacy STI S402

Subaru launched today in Japan limited edition Subaru Legacy STI S402. Limited editions sedan and station wagon propelled by a boxer engine with the 2.5L DOHC four cylinders.

subaru-legacy-sti-s402_4.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_5.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_6.jpg
Subaru Legacy STI S402

The price Subaru Legacy sedan version STI S402 starts at 31,700 Euros, while the station wagon can be bought with a price starting at 32,800 Euros. Subaru Legacy STI S402 is equipped with SI-DRIVE (SUBARU Intelligent Drive). Among the upgrades are BILSTEIN suspension, braking system and an ECU BREMBO rescheduled.

subaru-legacy-sti-s402_7.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_8.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_9.jpg
Subaru Legacy STI S402

Subaru Legacy STI S402 body is of 20 mm than with the model number. As a standard, comes with Subaru rims forged by 18 inches, with Bridgestone tires POTENZA. The interior series limited Legacy STI S402 is made in combination with skin black / grey.

subaru-legacy-sti-s402_10.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_11.jpg subaru-legacy-sti-s402_12.jpg
Subaru Legacy STI S402

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