St. Patrick’s Day comes early thanks to the latest Porsche 911 from Gunther Werk

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The phrase “green with envy” has gone so far beyond the point of cliché that it is virtually impossible to justify its use. However, when an Irish Porsche 911 from the Green Gunther Werks 993 series shows up, our jaws drop, our eyes widen and our hearts are struck by nothing but pure, unadulterated need. We’ve covered some of Gunther Werks’ overhauled 911s in the past, and we continue to believe that this tuner company just isn’t in a position to fire us.

As you may or may not know, the SoCal-based company’s creations begin as a regular 993 generation Porsche 911. The engineers at Gunther Werks then do all of the art. That means that every nut, every bolt, every body part, every electrical device and every mechanical father is removed and only the body remains in white. The skeleton, if you will. Then the real work begins.

The body panels are then replaced with beautiful, custom-made carbon fiber parts. Inside, the dashboard, seats, door sills and pretty much everything else are renewed by the strong but lightweight material. If it’s not exposed, it’s likely covered in leather. The company’s most recent order is painted Irish green (arguably one of the best greens available), leaving two bare carbon strips exposed.

The green exterior is rounded off by a set of light gold-colored fox-style wheels and a new hexagonal mech for the grilles and engine cover. Inside, English tan leather coats any surface that isn’t made of bare carbon fiber or aluminum. According to Gunther Werk, this car was built with canyon carving in mind, which means the cab has more insulation, extra leather padding on the seat, and no crazy wing (like the yellow Gunther we tested in Willow Springs).

Power is provided by a naturally aspirated 4.0 liter six-cylinder engine that develops 435 horsepower and 335 lb-ft of torque. Stopping is done by a set of Brembo brakes and the entire car is suspended by a set of custom JRZ shock absorbers. Only 25 are made and each starts at $ 585,000. For that money, you could have a new 911 Turbo S AND a new 911 GT3 and still have cash left over.


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