Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

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This is one machine that can be described in many words. Some will call it kitsch, the other one will brag. Some will deem a strange model, others on the contrary, a challenge. All are welcome qualifier and strengthens the principle which says that tastes not discuss.

Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

On the basis of a stand Spider Golf 2, say its creators. Nicolas and Sylvain in France have established a firm NSF Colors, which aims to lead the notion of amending the extreme. How limit of kitsch and quality is what may be thin, the public prosecution remains the most important factor. And the audience is composed of all of us.
Probably we would take one day and something to mention all that has her, and in it under her. The spectacle is an essential element, namely the work of these people, which can not be under any wonder.

Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

Model: Spider NSF Golf 2
Engine: 2 NX kits which provide an extra 50 horses of power

Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

Rims: 18 inches of MJL: 8X5X18 inches on the front and back 9.5X18 inches
Tires: Continental
Springs: Apex -60
Disc brakes front of 50 mm
Disc brakes rear 80 mm

spider-nsf-golf-2_4.jpg spider-nsf-golf-2_5.jpg spider-nsf-golf-2_6.jpg
Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

Body-Kit: custom made outside the NSF Color
Rear: cut and welded the bodywork
Lights: VW New Beetle
Color: Color NSF
Deco: Style metallic

Chairs: custom fiber
Wheel: S’Racing
Change gear Velocity: Type U.S.
Hand Brake: S’Racing
Console custom

spider-nsf-golf-2_7.jpg spider-nsf-golf-2_8.jpg spider-nsf-golf-2_9.jpg
Spider NSF Golf 2 Concept

4 amplifiers Digital Design
2 subwoofers Digital Design
6 tweeters Digital Design
4 Speaker Digital Design
2 LCD screens
1 monitor console

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