Social Media changing the Business of new and used motorbike sales


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Sales of New and Used Motor Bikes is going up with the number of easy riders growing substantially due to the role of social media that is helping in the sales tsunami of bikes especially the bikes like Harley Davidson. Social media is throwing new challenges to motor bike manufacturers and dealers in terms of communicating with their customers. The Business management of various companies has accepted the challenges thrown by social media by embracing the techniques of social media.

The team of firmly believes in the two vital goals of Harley Davidson as part of their overall strategy. One is to grow in retail sales outside the United States faster than the retail sales of currently within the United States and the other one is to grow United States retail sales to reach customer segments that include women, adults of young between the ages of 18 & 34. The present generation of consumers is more tech shrewd than their older counterparts and expect the manufacturers, aftermarket sellers and sellers of new and used motor bikes to be real, personal and authentic and they want these sellers to communicate with them.

Social Media Marketing

The technology driven consumers just want to see, hear and feel connected with the new and used motor bikes and most importantly to the services being offered by these motorbike manufacturers, sellers and dealers in the form of parts, accessories, motor clothes and merchandise in addition to modern workshop facilities. That is where social media platform comes to the rescue to highlight what is best for the audience and the brand.  Social media management platform can help in implementing the marketing plan and in determining the Return on Investment or ROI.

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Through social media marketing, various companies is keen to bring back the social element of owning Harley Davidson and to create brand awareness, brand reach, getting traffic and generating ready to buy traffic through social media tools for new and used motor bikes. Even the cost of social media marketing is not so cheaper but if rightly done (by engaging and connecting with target consumers) can help in building up a community of followers, fans and social influencers. Many people come across in person and live to share 110th Anniversary parties around the world for Harley Davidson’s accomplishment and new product rollouts show the importance of social media.

The Milwaukee party alone increases social media updates to post 300,000 engagements on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #HD110 proving the power of social media marketing. The fans of Harley Davidson through Twitter in 2011 has conceived a new campaign named “E Pluribus Unum” – in Latin means “out of many, one” to build sales through social media marketing. This campaign has indeed helped Harley in increasing its sale to 5.8% year over year for 2011. Crowd sourced marketing has helped Harley Davidson in enhancing its brand image among its customers.