Small but Smart: Fortwo Tuned by Carlsson.

And now we are going to present something a little more country and a little less rock’n’roll. Wait that’s not it.

Let me start over only by saying : Carlsson Smart Fortwo.Those of you who have been grasping every moment of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show know what I am talking about. The rest of you are going to find out now.

Carlsson just made its new project by focusing on the little “sports” car Smart Fortwo. With the ┬áCK10 package, you no longer have a common, tiny Smart, but a more powerful one (due to the new sport air filter and ECU, this Smart can reach 110 HP and 158 Nm of torque). Not bad for a 1.0 liter engine.

And the style was not left out either. It was improved with a set of 17-inch alloy rims, Nappa leather and a sport exhaust system with 4 tailpipes.

You don’t want to mess with it!