Small Audi Toy for 10k Euro

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Many car producers try to attract its buyers with interesting toys that are reproducing their models.

10k Audi Toy

German companies as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi will promote these car-toys around the world and first of them is Audi with a toy managed by its pedals, that will cost around 10,000 Euros. Impressive price for a 135 cm car, don’t you think?

Let me tell you more about this interesting Audi Toy, because I think I’ve captured your attention; well, this is a copy of 1930’s race cars, called the Auto Union Type C, which had leather wheel, oak board, hydraulic brakes and seven speeds.

I know that if we are thinking about the economic crisis around the world we can say that nobody is going to buy it, but I can assure you that these toy cars are very interesting for many exotic buyers from Germany and other countries.

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