Geneva Auto Show is really close and there are several rumors about a couple of new concept cars that will appear there for the first time. One of this will probably be Sintesi, a new concept car made by Pininfarina, the famous car designers from Italy.

Sintesi Concept Car

Sintesi will be a supercar with huge ambitions and it’s the first concept car made by Pininfarina after a 3-year break. Sintesi is inspired from Pininfarina’s latest project, made in 2005, Maserati Birdcage 75th. The design for Sintesi was closely supervised by the head of creation department from Pininfarina, Lowie, Vermeersch. We’ll see how this car will be in a almost a month at Geneva Auto Show.

sintesi-concept-car_2.jpg sintesi-concept-car_3.jpg sintesi-concept-car_4.jpg
Sintesi Concept Car

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