Simple Modifications That Can Transform Your Car’s Performance


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You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to carry out some relatively simple performance upgrades. As well as basic maintenance of your vehicle, you can improve the handling, engine power, stopping capability and over feel by doing a few basic but worthwhile replacement of individual parts. You won’t always need a mechanic to install these upgrades so the extra cost of taking your vehicle to a garage are swapped for some physical labor.  

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Escaping the herd

Your car can be all means look average on the outside, but the hidden depths of performance lie in the owner’s care and affection. Regularly wash the car once a month, wash away any grime under the wheel wells and the mud and salt in between the wheel and the brakes. Make sure the rubber sealings of the doors, bonnet and trunk haven’t eroded and retain a tight close to keep the elements of mother nature out. A well-maintained car can bestow many blessings on the owner and express personality traits. A clean car shows you care about your image. A thoroughly groomed car both interiorly and mechanically express careful person who pays attention to detail. A car with good brakes, tyres and oil says you care about safety and take self-preservation seriously. If you’re in a tight spot financially, companies will see you can be trusted and offer you the ability to title loans with no requirements. Upon deciding to eventually move on and sell your car, your vehicle will be above the average asking price dealers, car trading websites and individuals will be willing to pay for, due to the quality level and performance attributes.

What oil can do

Most regular affordable cars don’t have high-performance engines so expensive supercar oil isn’t needed to keep the engine in working order. However, there’s no need to skimp on the functioning power as a good oil can improve many aspects of the moving parts in the combustion chamber. An oil with high zinc prevents the metal-to-metal contact between the various engine components that are subjected to vigorous movements under acceleration. Oils such as Mobile 1 cover the parts with a protective film making the movement smoother and prolonging the lifespan of the mechanical construction. High zinc oils, also contain phosphorus, which supports the engine with anti-wear and healthy metal molecules.


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Tyres that pull

The key aspects of choosing the best performance tyre for the road may be counter-intuitive for most petrol heads. It’s not about handling when the road is dry, and the sun is beaming down, the best tyres for the road are those that grip and pull the car around corners on a wet surface. Tyres that are worth the purchase will have advanced tread patterns and the design of the tyre will sink into the road and prevent a loss of control when cornering. The lateral grip in the wet of a car not only helps the driver’s confidence, thus washing away nervous tension, but tyres with the ability to push away liquid will enhance safety; preventing an accident from happening.