Signs That Used Car is a Good One

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We all know the signs that a used car is a dud – rust, obvious damage, a suspiciously low price tag – things like that, but a lot of us aren’t nearly as sure of the signs that a used car is a good option.If you’re one of those people, check out these sure signs that the car you’re interested is on to a winner:

The Service History is Perfect

A spotless service history is probably the number one thing you should be looking for in a used car. Of course, not every bad thing that’s happened to a car will be documented in every case, but if you can see that the car has been serviced and repaired on a regular basis, then you can be a lot more confident that it’s a good choice.

It’s All Good Under the Hood


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Okay, so you aren’t going to find any second-hand car, from a used Peugeot 2008 to a Porsche 911 GT3 that is completely spotless under the hood, but it is possible to find vehicles that are extremely clean and tidy, and if you come across one you should snap it up. Why? Because a car that’s clean under the bonnet is a sure sign that its previous owner took good care of it.

Of course, if it’s too spotless, then it could be the case that the seller is trying to hide something, like an oil leak, so be wary of any vehicle that is spotless under the hood if you do happen to come across one on your quest to buy the best-used car.

The Engine Oil is Healthy

Healthy engine oil is pretty transparent, fluid and free from grit and dirt for the most part. Always check the oil before buying a used car and if it looks like this, go ahead and buy, if on the other hand, it’s thick like chocolate milk – avoid because it probably hasn’t been given much care and attention.

It Smells Good

Most used cars won’t have that new car smell that so many petrolheads find so pleasing. However, it should still smell fine if you want to buy it. If the car smells moldy, must or otherwise bad, then it could be a sign that it hasn’t been cared for as you would like. If it smells of smoke, then it could indicate an issue with the engine or exhaust which may need further investigation.

There Aren’t Many Miles on the Clock


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The holy grail of used car buying is finding a vehicle that hasn’t done very many miles at all. It isn’t always the case, and other checks should be made, but if the odometer isn’t exactly straining, then it’s likely that the car hasn’t been used extensively, and thus probably hasn’t suffered quite as much wear and tear.

No Warm Up is Required

If the salesman doesn’t feel the need to warm up the engine before you try it out, that’s probably because the engine is in great condition and it doesn’t need any extra time!

The more of these signs you spot, the more effort you should make to snap that car up!