Should I buy or lease a car

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I prefer to drive my own car, but when I travel, for many times I had to lease a car. It’s cheaper sometimes to lease a car than to drive by taxi or other transport vehicles.

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I think many of you feel the same when I say that in a small (or even big city) you have to drive your own car; but, sometimes when you think about repairing costs, insurance and more, car lease seems to be a better solution for us.

Both methods have advantages, but I think you should put in balance what situation is more suitable for you:

– Do you want a car only for weekend?
– Do you want a car for travelling?
– Do you want a car without having to pay for its repairs and insurance?
– Do you want a car for driving all day long?

Many more other questions could be added at this balance that needs some answers; so, when you have the answer to all these questions you should know which of these situations it’s more suitable for you.

I think the most important thing when you are renting a car in another country it’s to choose the right car for the right country. For example, in Italy you should think about Fiat car leasing, in USA you have to choose Ford car leasing, in France (and not only- at my latest visit in UK, I’ve rented a Peugeot) first option is for Peugeot car leasing, and the list could continue for a long time.

Don’t forget that a car is the most important accessory for many of us and when you choose one, you should choose it after confronting many details, brands and questions.

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