Should I Buy or Lease a Car

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Your car was driving pretty well until recently. Suddenly, you noticed that there was a major issue with it, and now the time has come to purchase a different vehicle. In most cases, you have two main choices. You can buy or lease the car. Which one is a better option?


The option for money-savers

Depending upon how much you are willing to spend on the car, leasing can often be the better option. With a lease, you usually do not have to put as much money down as with a finance option. In fact, some leasing programs might not require you to make a down payment at all. On top of the down payment, your monthly amounts are going to be less expensive with the lease.

How long you want to keep the car

People who want to have their cars for a long time should definitely look into buying or financing one. Lease agreements do not usually last for a long period of time. 36 months is a decent average for these plans. Of course, you could also lease with the option to buy. Then, you would have more time to figure out what it is you really want to do. If you finance, you generally cannot convert the plan into a lease.

The distance you drive on an annual basis

You should also consider how much you drive on a yearly basis. With a lease agreement, you are very likely to have a limit. Remember, the dealership wants to be able to sell or lease the car again once you are done with it. Fees do apply if you go over the annual mileage limit. Negotiating with the dealership is often a way to obtain a greater distance on your agreement.

Wider range available

You may have always dreamed of driving a top quality motor, but may not have had the finances to make the dream come true. Car leasing can be a great way of achieving that. You can take advantage of prestigious leasing options such as Audi leasing click here. This makes the process more cost effective and makes it a more viable option then paying high rates for finance deals.

Maintaining your car

When you are adding up the total costs of a vehicle, you must consider how much it is to maintain the car. If you lease a vehicle from a dealership, you should get a service plan and a warranty along with the vehicle. However, let’s say that you purchase a vehicle from a private seller. No such guarantees are going to exist, and you certainly will not be able to get service. Even if the private sale costs less at first than the lease, you may end up spending a lot more money in the long term.

Whether you should purchase or lease a car click here is really up to you. Still though, you must be open to reviewing the benefits of each plan. Some people are better candidates for a finance program or are able to pay in-full for the vehicle, but many others are able to benefit from a lease agreement.