Should I Buy a Used or a New Vehicle?

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If you’re considering upgrading your car or simply purchasing a vehicle for the first time, it’s important that you put plenty of thought into this decision. Buying a new car can be very exciting, particularly if you’ve been saving for a while to be able to afford it. The first choice you should make before you start browsing is whether to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you consider each possibility carefully in order to choose the right vehicle for your individual needs.

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What’s Great About Pre-Owned Cars?

Used vehicles are becoming safer and more advanced every day, due to improvements in the automotive technology. There are plenty of reputable dealerships that you can buy from, like Exchange and Mart, so that you never have to deal with private sellers. One of the major advantages of buying a used car is the price. They are so much cheaper and this means that you can stretch your budget further and move up in terms of the make and model of car that you can afford. Second hand cars are much cheaper because they have already undergone the largest depreciation in value. A new vehicle will begin to depreciate as soon as it has been driven away from the dealer’s lot, and most of this decline occurs within the first three to five years of ownership. If you choose a used vehicle of this age, you’ll be guaranteed a car that’s like new, but for a fraction of the price. Used cars are also generally cheaper to insure, which is good news for young drivers and those who are interested in imported, high performance and modified vehicles.

Why Buy a Brand New Vehicle?

The main advantage of buying new is inherent in the name. The car hasn’t been used, had any damage or repair work, or been involved in any accidents. You can be absolutely sure that the vehicle has a clean history and is fit for purpose. There’s more choice on the new car market and you can guarantee that your car has all the latest gadgets and safety features. A new car will always have a completely clean warranty and you don’t need to worry about the risks that are attached to buying second hand from a private seller.

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