See Ferrari’s new SF21 racing car

The moment the Tifosi have been waiting for is finally here when Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow unveiled their SF21 car. When you paint this car, you’ll notice a back-to-front fade. In the rear they had a dark burgundy tone reminiscent of the very first Ferrari, the 125 S. As it goes forward the tone becomes brighter and more vibrant, similar to the shade of red used on newer Scuderia Ferrari racing cars. Another change that many will notice due to its vibrancy is the Winnow Mission, which is now displayed in green. When this new racing car rolled out of the factory, it became the 67th racing car built in Maranello to compete in the Formula 1 championship. That’s pretty much it and I can’t wait to see it in action this season. If you missed them, check out the new Formula 1 cars from Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG too.

Source: Ferrari

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