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Are you looking for a second hand car? Well, I think you should know more about it and we will inform you about that.
Because of the bad financial situation all over the world, many of us prefer to buy second hand cars, instead of new cars.

Cars for Sale

You should take into consideration that if you find cheap cars for sale, such as used volvo models, you have to put them to some tests.

If you are buying a new car, its value will be after one year with 10 to 30% cheaper and if it is more expensive, the value will be down with more numbers. This happens on every auto market and the value will be down with 5 to 8% every year. I don’t want to speak about the value of a car when it is out of guarantee.

So, looking at all these percent’s it’s better to purchase a second hand car.

From where can you buy a second hand car?

1. Visit auto forums that are all over the Internet with interesting offers. There you will find all models that you want and much useful information. After you choose the car that you like, you can even negotiate for a better price.
2. Another place is at the car dealers.
3. Then there are the rental car companies.
4. More cars at leasing offices.
5. You can visit car fairs, but remember to have with you a good friend that knows better how a car should look and sound and maybe a good negotiator.
6. When you walk around the block or street, you can find interesting cars that are for sale. You should take this option into consideration, too.

What you should know about a second hand car?

1. The car must have a service book, where all repairing must be on (and must be a real one).
2. The owner must let you take it to a service to test the car.
3. Pedals and driver chair must look like it wasn’t excessive used.
4. Test the car for all known problems, like: wing passages, bumpers, steering column, and many more. You must know at what to look and that depends on each model.
5. Negotiate the price up to 30% and if you have cash, it’s better for you.
6. Avoid suspicious persons.
7. Don’t look only at the acquisition price, because if it is a car more than 3 years older, you will pay (probably) 30% more investing in repairing, spare parts and others.

We will keep informing you about second hand cars and what to know about this, so keep in touch.

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